EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage


Mrs P Kamara - Nursery Manager
Ms L. Cowley - Nursery Teacher
Mrs S. Asante - Nursery Teacher


Miss T. Balendran - EYFS Leader and Reception Year Group Leader
Miss L. Dale - Class Teacher
Miss P. Grafas - Class Teacher

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs P Lally - Class Teacher
Mrs S. Body - Class Teacher
                                        Mrs N. Sansom - Class Teacher                                       Miss D Keitch - Class Teacher

Year 2

Miss G. Bannister- Year 2 Leader
Miss A. Ali - Class Teacher
Miss D. Livingston - Class Teacher

Key Stage 2

Year 3

Miss C. Hunt - Lower Phase Leader (Y1-3) and Year 3 Leader
Miss C. Bogue - Class Teacher
Miss F. Williamson - Class Teacher

Year 4

Mrs R. Holland - Year Group Leader
Miss S.  Lovell - Class Teacher

Ms T. McCulloch - Class Teacher
Miss S. Ryan - Class Teacher

Year 5

Ms B. Fraser - Year Group Leader
Mr J. Watson - Class Teacher
Mrs A. May - Class Teacher

Year 6

Miss T. Spencer - Upper Phase Leader (Y4-6) and Year 6 Leader
Miss R. Talbot - Class Teacher
Mrs J. Coleman - Class Teacher

Senior Leadership Team

Miss H. Willis - Headteacher
Mrs G. Harris, Miss C. Bridger - Deputy Headteachers
Mrs J. Coleman - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R. Kaura - SENCO
Miss T. Spencer - Upper Phase Leader (Years 4-6)
Miss C. Hunt - Lower Phase Leader (Years 1-3)
Miss T Balendran - EYFS Leader

Admin and Premises Team

Mrs T. Brett - Office Manager
Mrs J. Sowter, Mrs S. Sowter-Hughes - Admin Assistants
Mrs L. Magill - Receptionist
Miss J Bessant - Finance Officer
Miss Y. Whittington - Pastoral Assistant and Attendance Officer
Mr D. Liddell - Site Manager
Miss A. Hunt - Assistant Caretaker

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