Welcome to Year 6

This term (Spring 2) our topic is Tomorrow's World, which focuses on the future and what life might be like 100 or 1000 years from now. It's all about technology and the benefits and drawbacks of becoming reliant on these devices.

Text messages, emails, websites, blogs and podcasts - there are so many ways to communicate.

Learn how to use 'Scratch' to write codes for computer games and to create animations. Look at the history of computing and discover the movers and shakers of the technology world- the people who have shaped the modern world. Perhaps you might be the visionary for the next generation?

Build programs, break codes and investigate gadgets galore. Plan and draw your vision of the future in terms of the buildings, transport and currency available - what will schools be like in the future? Will robots take the place of your teachers?


We will investigate the potential problems and hazards that become apparent with the increased use of devices and look at the havoc that computer viruses can cause.

We will be reading 'Room 13' a gripping page-turner from a master of spooky suspense, award-winning Robert Swindells. Don't read this under the covers at midnight! We will then be writing our own horror/spooky stories.

Click on the picture to access the Scratch website where you can have a go at programming your own games on the computer.

Our Teachers

We have three classes in Year 6:

Sapphire Class, Saffron Class and Scarlet Class

They will be supported and guided through this important year by:-

  • Miss Spencer
  • Miss Talbot
  • Mrs Coleman
  • Mrs Lomas 
  • Mrs Bhattacharya

All working together to help the children to achieve their full potential and to make good progress.

Miss Spencer is our Year Group Leader.

Click here to read our leaflet which outlines learning expectations for the end of Year 6.


Year 6 School Journey

Click here to find our Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with us then please do drop into the office to make an appointment to see us, we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any issues

We have been very happy to see so many of the children wearing their full correct school uniform and setting such a brilliant example for the rest of the school, thank you.

We would like to remind you that all children should have a school PE kit to change into as we will have regular lessons each week.

We encourage all children to bring a water bottle to class, which they can refill at regular intervals during the day in order to keep themselves well hydrated and to keep their brains working to the best of their ability.

In Year 6 homework is vitally important for the children, as it helps to reinforce the learning that has gone on during the week.

We urge you to support and encourage your children with their homework and do let us know if the homework is too difficult or indeed too easy! 

We will provide your child with a book in which to complete homework, and stick in any sheets.  We encourage the children to keep their homework book in pristine condition, taking pride in, and celebrating, their home learning.  We do not allow children to draw on the cover of any of their books.


Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be handed in (in the homework book) on a Tuesday.

In addition all children should continue to read at home, at least three times a week with an adult, and then have their reading records signed.

Children should have their reading records and reading books in school every day, but reading records will be checked by one of the Y6 team every Thursday.