Welcome to Nursery

This week our story is "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy. 

Welcome to Summer Term.

During Summer Term we will continue to provide children with experiences which develop their independence and confidence. Nursery staff will continue to support play both inside and outside, allowing the children to make sense of new information and to problem solve.  Please remember to refer to the curriculum letter for  more detailed information on ways you can support your child’s understanding and language linked to our broad topic of  ‘Journeys’.

Red Nose Day 2017

World Book Day photos

Spring Term Nursery photos


Learning in Nursery workshop

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Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the Learning in Nursery workshop last week. We hope you found the key points useful; independent children who develop the skills they need to be resilient and capable learners through adults praising specific skills. Remember to ‘say what you see’ in order to praise skills eg “Wow, you balanced carefully all the way along the beam”.

If you have the opportunity to try out any similar activities at home or spend more time at the playground, please do send a photo of your child’s achievements to Please remember to include your child’s class in the subject line and write a sentence about the new skill your child has achieved. We will then add your ‘WOW moment’ to your child’s Learning Journey.


Our Teachers

We have four classes in Nursery:

Owls AM & PM

Elephants AM & PM

Our teachers are:

  • Mrs Kamara
  • Ms Cowley
  • Mrs Bhath
  • Mrs Sharma
  • Mrs Wahda

All working together to help the children to achieve their full potential and to make good progress

Mrs Kamara is our Year Group Leader


For information about EYFS, click here to download our introductory brochure for parents. For statutory information about the EYFS curriculum, visit our Curriculum page.


Let's Talk Together

Nursery Blog (Fairholme Nursery) on: Nursery

Thank you very much to all the parents and carers who were able to attend the Let’s Talk Together workshop in November. The feedback forms told us that everyone found the sessions very worthwhile and gave you lots of new ideas to try out at home. We do hope that you have continued with perhaps at least one idea, from singing nursery rhymes, bubble blowing, using puppets or story boxes. Thank you for taking the time to work with us to help your children become more confident and skilled communicators.

Click here to find our Nursery Curriculum Newsletter.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with us then please do speak to any member of the Nursery team at the end of session time when you pick your child up, we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any issues.

It is essential that children have appropriate clothing and footwear when coming to Nursery.  We have fantastic provision which includes lots of opportunities for children to explore and learn.  This means that often children's clothing will suffer because of their messy play experiences.  All the materials we use are natural and will usually wash out of clothing.  


Links to additional information:-

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  • What the children will be learning - please click here.


  • What happens at Nursery on a typical day - please click here.

Home Visits
During the first two weeks, you and your child will be visited at home by your child's teacher and Early Years Practitioner.  This allows the children an opportunity to meet their key worker in a safe and familiar environment. It is also an opportunity for parents to chat to the staff about your child, including their previous childcare experiences, their general development, their interests and share other relevant information or concerns you have about them starting Nursery.  Any information shared during this session helps staff to plan for your child's first day and ensures the move into Nursery is as smooth as possible.