Mini Hub - a cluster of like-minded schools working together

The Mini Hub is a group of seven local schools in the London Borough of Hounslow who share common aims and values in relation to our children and in relation to the schools culture and organisation.

In our schools, we are consistently working to develop the following shared purpose:

In relation to the children we:

  • Place emphasis on developing the whole child through curriculum planning, development and sharing;
  • Ensure consistently high quality teaching, learning and assessment and quality assure our practice;
  • Strive to ensure all our pupils make good or better progress;
  • Continually work to close gaps in children’s learning.

In relation to the schools culture and organisation we:

  • Continually strive to build capacity and sustainability;
  • Build a culture of teamwork and collective accountability;
  • Ensure high levels of staff satisfaction and fulfilment;
  • Strengthen partnerships within and across our schools.

The group promotes shared work in order to improve learning and raise standards. Cooperative working is valued along with sharing good practice to support school improvement.

Our Mini Hub promotes these aims but schools may be at different stages of their journey.

The Mini Hub will be successful if:

  • Provision is maintained and improved developing to consistently good and outstanding.
  • Through QA and monitoring Mini Hub schools will see the positive impact of our programmes and activities.
  • Maintaining and improve standards seen through an improving results trend and through value added.
  • Staff engage in activities and further develop communication and shared learning.
  • INSET sessions shared across mini hub and impact from these seen in teaching and learning.

We work together to share good practice and support each other.  Some of the regular activities that Hub schools work together on include:

  • HT Mini Hub Meeting (6 times a year)
  • DHT network
  • SENCO network
  • Assessment and moderation
  • NQT mentors network
  • Early Years Network
  • Subject Leader Network and Middle Leader Training.

We also work together to share good practice, share ideas, support each other and address any challenges when these arise.