Sports Premium

At Fairholme School we believe PE and sport play an important role in the education of every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

Through PE and sporting activities, our children learn to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, team work, and ambition, leading to improved concentration, attitude, and academic achievement.

Click here to find out much more about our PE curriculum and sports activities, including a curriculum overview, an image gallery and take part in our "What is your favourite sport?" PE Poll.

We have formed strong links with Middlesex County Cricket Club.  Read more about cricket coaching by Middlesex County Cricket Club at Fairholme - Chance To Shine - here.

Sports Premium 2021-22

Reviewed 2018-19 Sports Premium

Are you interested in playing in a hockey or netball league? Click here to find out more...

We have achieved the Gold School Games Mark again this year - well done to all our amazing children and sports coaches.  Visit our gallery page to see our fantastic achievements this year.

Swimming at Fairholme Primary School

As part of the National Curriculum, Key Stage Two children are expected to have an opportunity to learn to swim.  At Fairholme Primary School we build this into the Year 3 PE curriculum.  Children will visit Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre once a week for a half an hour swimming lesson for the duration of one term during the academic year.

A requirement of receiving Sports Premium funding from the government is that we report how well our Year 6 children can swim.  To do this we ask the children the following questions: -

Q1 Can you swim confidently for a distance of 25 metres (one length of the pool)?

Q2 Can you use a range of strokes (breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly stoke etc.)?

Q3 Could you safely rescue yourself if you got into difficulty in a pool, the sea or a river?

Our current Year 6 children answered as follows: -

Q1 – 65% yes

Q2 – 69% yes

Q3 – 61% yes

* * * LATEST NEWS * * * *

 The Netball Team won the local cluster competition and now move on to the next round! - Well done team.

Our Athletics Team represented the school at the regional finals.  Despite some really good performances we were unable to get through to the London Youth Games.  However, we did walk away with the Fair Play award for the team's attitude and behaviour during the day. - Well done team.


Sports Kit Sponsorship

We're fortunate to have several local companies sponsoring our new kits for our sports teams, including Lodge Brothers and The Rotary Club Of Feltham.  A great big thank you from Fairholme for your donations which have enabled us to purchase these new team kits!

It is our vision that all Fairholme pupils will:

  • participate in a wide range of physical, creative and aesthetic settings
  • develop generic skills, knowledge and understanding, become physically literate and in most cases have their first experiences of sport
  • be enthused and be inspired to participate and develop a life long love of physical activity, sport and exercise.

 So our aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide more opportunities for children to participate in sport and try new sports
  • Engage children within competitions
  • Create greater links with outside sports clubs & organisations
  • Guide and give pathways for gifted and talented children.

Have a look at this short video from Youth Sports Trust about the importance of PE for children of all ages.