Football - Brentford EFL Cup Champions

Brentford EFL Cup - Monday 22nd January 2018

This is a national competition where the eventual best two teams (representing Championship sides) play at Wembley before the Championship play off Final (the richest game in football).

Fairholme 4 1 Christ the Saviour
Fairholme 4 1 St James
Fairholme 3 1 St Marks
Fairholme 1 2 Orleans
Fairholme 3 1 Mount Carmel
Fairholme 2 0 Edward Pauling
Quarter Finals: Fairholme 3 1 Christ the Saviour
Semi Final: Fairholme 3 2 St Stephens
Final: Fairholme 2 1 Fielding


Fairholme then represented Brentford FC against all the southern teams playing in the Chamionship, playing at the Madejski Stadium in Reading against teams representing: Fulham, QPR, Millwall, Norwich, Ipswich, Bristol City, Reading, Birmingham, Aston Villa, Cardiff and Wolves.

Brentford (Fairholme) 2  0 Ipswich
Brentford 4  0 Wolves
Brentford 1  1 Norwich
Brentford 2  1 Cardiff
Brentford 0  2 Aston Villa

In the Quarter Finals we played against the team representing QPR:

Brentford 0  2 QPR