Introducing Year Group Teams - September 2020

On this page, you can discover more about the team of staff in each year group from September 2020.  It's a great way to find out about your new class teacher, and to meet some of the other adults who will be working in your class.  Our class teachers would love to find out more about each person who is going to be in their class too. Click here for September reopening information.

Nursery: Ms Cowley (year group leader), Mrs Bhath, Mrs Wahda, Miss Abdi

Meet the Nursery Team

Reception: Mrs Kamara (year group leader), Mrs Carvalho, Miss Wilson, Mrs Wolanin, Miss Paula and Miss Sally

Meet the Reception Team

Year 1: Mrs Body & Mrs Sansom (year group leaders), Mrs Turley, Miss Hewett, Mrs Bhath, Mrs T, Miss Curtis

Meet the Year 1 Team

Year 2: Miss Hunt (year group leader), Mrs Lally, Miss Nazir, Mrs Choudhuri, Mrs Mills, Mrs Foley

Meet the Year 2 Team

Year 3: Miss Tyler (year group leader), Mrs Dhillon, Mrs Bhardwaj, Mrs MacWilliam, Mrs Cox

Meet the Year 3 Team

Year 4: Miss Courtney (year group leader), Mrs Holland & Mrs Langham, Miss Deacon, Miss Walker, Mrs Vakada, Mrs Khan, Mrs Baig, Miss Chiddi

Meet the Year 4 Team

Year 5: Miss Faransis (year group leader), Miss Lovell & Mr Camidge, Mrs Lomas, Mrs Bhattacharya

Meet the Year 5 Team

Year 6: Mrs Coleman & Miss Spencer (year group leaders), Miss Begum, Miss Benn, Mrs Bowyer, Miss Nicholls, Mrs Malone, Mrs Botto

Meet the Year 6 Team
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