Growing Sunflowers

Week 1: Planting the seeds with Miss Spencer and Miss Bridger.  Whose will grow the tallest? 27/4/2020

Week 4: More to see this week - the plants are starting to grow, children's seeds are germinating, and Miss Spencer and Miss Bridger have undergone an amusing transformation. 18/5/2020

Week 7: We've got lots to show you this week - not just sunflowers!  There's a seed quiz, and we've been busy digging out a new bed to grow more vegetables.  Plus, did you know you could grow potatoes in a bag? !Watch our latest update here. 8/6/2020

Week 10: All the rain we have had has helped our sunflowers grow a lot taller - but whose is tallest now, Miss Bridger's or Miss Spencer's? This week we have also been making a scarecrow.  Let us know what you think, and send us your pictures!  29/6/2020

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Week 2: Have the sunflowers grown yet? We've also planted some seeds for 4 children who asked to join in. 4/5/2020

Week 5: It's been hot and the plants are bursting out of their pots this week! Watch our update to see whose plants are growing well, whose need watering, and whose are the tallest so far. 25/5/2020

Week 8: It has rained so much this week - every time we went to look at the sunflowers, and try and record an update, we got wet! So we got to the end of the week without any sunflower news this week - sorry! We've also been quite busy in the polytunnel, so we'll show you the progress there in our next clip. 15/6/2020





Week 11: Wow! We're so impressed with all the things that our families have been growing at home.  Here's our latest update from school, including everything you've sent us about growing at home too! 06/07/2020

Week 3: It's more exciting this week! Whose has grown the tallest so far? Plus we have planted more seeds for children who have requested them. 11/5/2020

Week 6: Check out how our sunflowers have grown this week - Miss Spencer's have doubled in size! Watch the latest update. 1/6/2020

Week 9: Lots to show you this week, especially as we missed out last week's update.  Taller sunflowers, photos from children at home, a makeover and veg growing in the polytunnel - watch to find out more. This week we have measured every child's sunflower too.  22/6/2020

Week 12 & 13: Our final update! Who will win the tallest sunflower competition - Miss Bridger or Miss Spencer? Watch to find out.  We asked Miss Willis along to present the winning trophy.  We've also measured all the children's sunflowers too (none of them have flowered yet, but we're sure they will all look amazing in August).  24/07/2020