Home learning: Mental health, wellbeing and support

Helpful services for families in Hounslow

Young Minds Wellbeing Activity Calendar

Some useful conversation starters from Young Minds - click on the document below to see more.

Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival
Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry – and it won't stop growing. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again? This is a very beautiful, sensitive look at anxiety and how a problem shared is a problem halved.

The NSPCC has created an online Hub providing advice and support for parents and carers during the coronavirus outbreak. Content includes: information on keeping children safe from abuse; tips and advice to help parents working from home; and ways to talk to a child who is anxious or worried about coronavirus. Click here to find out more.

Our independent consultant for parenting and vulnerable families, Maeve Begley, talks about ways to cope with anxiety.

A useful booklet from the Ealing Mental Health Support Team for parents and carers to support their children during the current situation while also making sure that they are taking care of their own wellbeing.

Cosmic Kids Zen Den - mindfulness for children

ACT Companion:
The Happiness Trap

The ACT Companion: The Happiness Trap app has been made available free for the next few months as a resource for those having a hard time as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Download from your app store and enter the code TOGETHER on the subscription page to unlock all the app content for free. More info available here and below.


Why is good quality sleep important? How could you improve your sleep habits? Here are some resources from the PSHE Association to help you find out more.
KS2 Sleep Presentation (start here)
KS2 Sleep accompanying resources

A helpful wellness and wellbeing guide with thanks to Letovo School for sharing.

Very useful help and advice for families, teachers, parents and other professionals about supporting children and young people with worries about COVID-19

Some useful suggestions from Young Minds about how to support your child if they are anxious about coronavirus. Click on the document below to see more.

What is coronavirus? An explanation for children.