Building Learning Power

What is Building Learning Power (BLP)?

At Fairholme, we're passionate about developing children's learning skills, helping them to become better learners, and preparing them for a lifetime of learning.  Through Building Learning Power (BLP), we help children understand what it takes to be a good learner, develop their appetite and ability to learn in different ways, engage teachers and children together in the learning process, and develop 'learning muscles'.  Find out more by reading our handy guide to 'What is Building Learning Power?'

Building Learning Power has been developed by Professor Guy Claxton.  Through BLP, we aim to build resilience and resourcefulness in all our children, and get them ready for life beyond school, 'not just for a life of tests, but for the tests of life'.  BLP focuses on different learning muscles, such as perseverance, noticing, managing distractions, absorption, questioning, making links, imagining, reasoning, capitalising, collaboration, empathy, listening, imitation, interdependence, planning, revising, distilling and meta-learning.