Welcome from the Year 5 team. We've got plenty of exciting learning experiences planned for you all and can't wait to get started!

There are lots of ways in which you can support children's learning outside of school. All Fairholme children have access to Purple MashMyMaths (online maths homework), Times Tables Rock Stars and Bug Club (online books and comics) for free! Please ask your class teacher if you do not have log-in details for either of these sites.

We've also put together a list of brilliant websites and books, full of fun games, quizzes and facts, that you may want to look at with your children.  They're a great way to spend a fun half-hour that could also help to build on their learning in class.

Summer Term 2 Topic


What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad? Travel back in time to the 1500s and meet the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history. Discover an opulent court where dancing and singing goes hand in hand with swift falls from favour – and even swifter falling of heads! Develop your painting skills in miniature, solve riddles and remember to protect your precious neck with a large white ruff – if you want to survive at Tudor court! Flex your detective muscles and become a criminal investigator! Will you find out the facts or will the evidence from the past bemuse you? How will you find the accused – innocent or guilty? It’s your turn to take part in one of the most famous trials the world has ever known!

This half term, we are very excited to be learning about Tudors for our topic: Off With Her Head!  We will particularly be focusing on Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn but will also be looking at Henry's father Henry VII, his other wives and his children (Mary I, Elizabeth ! and Edward VI), as well as what life was like during Tudor times.

This topic provides many opportunities to develop our skills across the curriculum, including writing biographies, creating chants, riddles and rhymes. As this topic is packed full of history - we will be drawing timelines, learning about King Henry's infamous life and designing our very own Tudor costumes and jewelry.  In PSHE, we will be looking at the rules and laws of the Tudors as well as having a close look at the Tower of London in Geography. Get ready, as we will step and sway and learn how to dance like a Tudor in PE. 

We will continue to set weekly tasks on Purple Mash. In RE this term we will be focusing on Buddhism - in particular Dharma day. 



Our Teachers

We have three classes in Year 5:

Turquoise Class, Burgundy Class and Amber Class

They will be supported and guided through this important year by:

  • Mrs Reid-Tremble
  • Miss Begum
  • Miss Benn and Mr Camidge
  • Mrs Malone
  • Miss Nicholls
  • Miss Mumberson
  • Mrs Botto

All working together to help the children to achieve their full potential and to make good progress.

Miss Benn is our Year Group Leader.

Click here to read our leaflet which outlines learning expectations for the end of Year 5.


Listen to The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd here.

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50 Recommended reads for Year 5

Age 9-11: Books to read together at home
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Click here to find our Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter.

We are always happy to meet with parents and carers to discuss any concerns or to answer questions about the children and their learning. If you wish to discuss anything with us then please make an appointment at the office or ask one of us when we might be available to meet with you.

Remember to check the school website regularly for updates on learning and events taking place at school.

We have been very happy to see so many of the children wearing their full correct school uniform and setting such a brilliant example for the rest of the school, thank you.

We would like to remind you that all children should have a school PE kit to change into as we will have regular lessons each Tuesday.

We encourage all children to bring a water bottle to class, which they can refill at regular intervals during the day in order to keep themselves well hydrated and to keep their brains working to the best of their ability.

In Year 5, homework is vitally important for the children, as it helps to reinforce the learning that has gone on during the week.

We urge you to support and encourage your children with their homework and do let us know if the homework is too difficult or indeed too easy! 

We expect the children to read their school reading book out loud to an adult at least 5 times a week. Please sign, or put your initials on, the yellow homework sheet to confirm that this has been completed. Spellings and maths need to be completed at least twice a week. The week's spellings (in the children's spelling books) must be practised at least twice a week along with their Maths Passport. These also need to be signed for by an adult on the homework sheet.

Children should have their reading books in school every day. 

Spellings will be given out on Friday and tested the following Friday.  Homework will be checked at the end of each week.