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Traders and Raiders 

Big and strong, powerful and brave, the Saxons wave their battle axes and brandish their swords as they begin to invade Britain’s shores. Sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Find out about the life of the Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from. Meet the bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia – never before had such terror swept the land. Make a Saxon sword or a Viking brooch and decorate it with intricate patterns. Choose to be a Saxon or Viking and trade your crafty goods. But let’s keep it cool – we don’t want a fight breaking out! Are you ready to shine a light on the dangerous and deadly Dark Ages?


Year 4 Blog

Happy Holidays and Keep Learning!

Mrs Kelsey (hkelsey) on: Year 4 Blog

5 of the Best End-of-Year Activities and Resources for Secondary ...


You have made it to the end of the year and the end of year 4!

Hopefully you now all know which classes you are going into but all your year 4 teachers (except Miss Faransis- who'll see you next year!) Will miss you very much.

We also all think it would be great to get prepared for year 5. Even though we haven't been able take you off to the year 5 classrooms or try you out on some year 5 work you can make sure you are ready by continuing your home learning...



Complete previous weeks learning for the end of year 4 to keep your brain active...


And of course, all your logins will continue ver the summer, although we will not be setting work on Purple Mash.

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Summer Reading Activities

Mrs Kelsey (hkelsey) on: Year 4 Blog

Summer Reading!

ideal bookshelf 42, jmm by jane mount: i have several of these ...

Its Reading Together Day on Thursday 16th July and what better way to celebrate than with a wealth of reading activities to enjoy with your family over the summer holidays.

Reading Treasure Hunt On 16th July  17:30 – 18:10

See We’d love to see your own families’ treasure hordes too as your children will! #ReadingTreasure 

OS Maps FAQ | Ordnance Survey Shop 

Summer Reading Adventure   

Enjoy this map of fun reading conquests … See  ! #OUReadingAdventure


Circle of Reading Ten top authors have made a fun Circle of Reading Video! Find out about their diverse reading choices and join the circle by using the hashtag #CircleofReading. Add a picture of your favourite reading that isn’t book- Can you guess which authors will be in the video?


Summer Reading Bingo: an activity for children (and adults if they wish!) The focus is on reading for pleasure experiences with activities like make a den and read inside, read in the dark using a torch and read to a pet or a soft toy. Children can choose what they read for the challenges, although we have included some Summer 2020 recommended reads for those looking for new ideas.

Summer Reading Bingo.png

Summer Library Challenge: The Summer Reading Challenge website is free to access and a place for children to rate and review the books they are reading as they progress towards their reading goal. The website features video content, games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children to take part in the Challenge at home.

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Viking Gods

Mrs Kelsey (hkelsey) on: Year 4 Blog

It may not look like the one from Avengers but this is what the Vikings thought Thor's hammer looked like. Thor, before being used in the Avengers comics and films was a Viking God. There are many stories of his strength and ability to defeat monsters with nothing more than a hammer.

The Vikings worshiped their gods not in churches or in temples but in the open air, choosing natural landmarks such as big rocks, unusual trees, and waterfalls. Their most important gods were Odin, the god of knowledge, Thor, the god of metalwork and thunder, and Frey, the goddess of fertility. After around 1000 AD, Viking peoples became Christian.

Odin: is the god of wisdom, poetry, death and magic. Son of Bor and the giantess Bestla, Odin is the chief and king of Asgard. He is married to the goddess Frigg, and is the father of the gods Thor, Baldr, Höðr, Víðarr, and Váli.

Known as the All-Father. A defining feature of Odin is his being one-eyed, a result of him having sacrificed an eye to drink from the Well of Urðr, which granted him an incomprehensible amount of knowledge of the universe. 

The modern English weekday name Wednesday bears the god’s name. (from Old English Wōdnesdæg, “Wōden’s day”)

Thor: is the god of thunder and lightning. He is the son of Odin and Jörð, the personification of the Earth, and is physically the strongest of Odin's sons. Thor is described as being fierce-eyed, with red hair and a full beard, and he is quick to anger and has an enormous appetite.

The modern English weekday Thursday (from Old English Þūnresdæg, “Thunor’s [Thor’s] day”) bears the god's name. 

Freyja: is the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Freyja is the daughter of Njörðr and twin sister of Freyr. The most beautiful and refined of the goddesses, she owns the necklace Brísingamen, and rides in a chariot pulled by two cats, accompanied by a giant boar  She is  Freyja rules over the heavenly field of Fólkvangr, where she receives half of those that die in battle, as the other half go to Viking heaven (Valhalla).

Her name is often translated into English as Freya when used nowadays, but the original Norwegian name is spelt Freyja.

Following Freyja Down the Rabbit Hole — Gifts for Mystics ...

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London Rocks Maths Competition

Mrs Kelsey (hkelsey) on: Year 4 Blog

Hello Year 4!

This week we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from Greater London (Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June). It’s all done online via

For every correct answer to a multiplication or division question, you will earn your class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who play during the competition hours). Winning classes in the school and in the competition as a whole will be the ones with the highest average.

All game modes (Gig, Garage, Studio, etc.) will count but only from games played between 14:00 and 19:00 on Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th.

In the spirit of the competition, only children are allowed to play. 

We suggest a limit of half an hour a day outside school hours.

Let's see who the Year 4 times table champions will be....

Good Luck! 

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Viking Homes

Mrs Kelsey (hkelsey) on: Year 4 Blog

The Viking Age in Britain began about AD 793 and lasted over 200 years. Bands of fierce raiders began to once again attack England’s shores, just like the Anglo-Saxons had done 400 years before.

This week on purple mash you will be writing an information text about Viking homes. 

Inside a Viking House : europe

To start you off why not go on an interactive journey of the Jorvik Viking Centre...

The Jorvik Viking Centre is an exhibition in the northern English city of York. The museum guides you through what the city might have looked like when the Vikings lived there 1300 years ago:

You will also find information to help with your writing on BBC bitesize:

Have a look at where the Vikings sit on a timeline here:,out%20the%20wind%20and%20rain).

And some extra facts to help your information text here:

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Book Change 

Tuesday – Emerald

Wednesday – Violet

Thursday- Indigo


Every Monday 

Our Teachers

We have three classes in Year 4:

Emerald Class, Indigo Class and Violet Class

They will be supported and guided through this important year by class teachers and support staff. 

Year group leader

  • Miss Faransis 

Class Teachers

  • In Emerald Miss Faransis 
  • In Indigo Mr Gordon
  • In Violet Mrs Kelsey

Support Staff

  • Mrs MacWilliam
  • Mrs Vakada 
  • Mrs West-Beard

Click here to read our leaflet which outlines learning expectations for the end of Year 4

50 Recommended reads for Year 4

Age 7-9: Books for reading together at home
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If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with us then please do drop into the office to make an appointment to see us, we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss any issues

We have been very happy to see so many of the children wearing their full correct school uniform and setting such a brilliant example for the rest of the school, thank you.

We would like to remind you that all children should have a school PE kit to change into as we will have regular lessons each week.

We encourage all children to bring a water bottle to class, which they can refill at regular intervals during the day in order to keep themselves well hydrated and to keep their brains working to the best of their ability.

In Year 4 homework is vitally important for the children, as it helps to reinforce the learning that has gone on during the week.

We urge you to support and encourage your children with their homework and do let us know if the homework is too difficult or indeed too easy! 

We will provide your child with a book in which to complete homework, and stick in any sheets.  We encourage the children to keep their homework book in pristine condition, taking pride in, and celebrating, their home learning.  We do not allow children to draw on the cover of any of their books.


Spellings will be given out every Friday and a test will take place the following Friday.

In addition all children should continue to read at home, at least three times a week with an adult, and then have their reading records signed.

Children should have their reading records and reading books in school every day, but reading records will be checked by one of the Y4 team once a week.