Nursery September 2020 - new starters

Please have a look here at the information which was shared at our zoom Welcome Meeting (03.07.2020).

If you have any questions, please email us at

                      Most of the information you need, you will find in the Nursery Welcome brochure which was posted out to you.            Click here to access a copy.

Nursery Admissions - come and join us!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Nursery admissions page. We hope that you find the information you need in order to apply to our Nursery. You may be aware that we cancelled our Open Afternoon, and some of the information we would have shared with you then, is on this page. Do have a look at the photo slideshow of our Nursery - there are a few photos for those of you who are choosing Fairholme for the first time and are keen to see what our Nursery offers in regard to indoor and outdoor space. 

We do hope that you choose Fairholme Nursery for your child and we look forward to hopefully being a part of your child’s future education.

We still have some places available in Nursery to start in September 2020, so if you need to apply, please use the links to the forms below.

You can access an editable application form here and email to our school office

Children can take up a free 15-hour place in our school nursery in the September after their third birthday. 

If your child was born was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, they can start in our nursery class in September 2020.

You can read more about Hounslow Nursery admissions here. 

Click here to read the 'Starting in a Hounslow School Nursery in September 2020' brochure.

Key Dates

17 July 2020 end of Summer Term - please do try an apply before this date.

There will be limited office staff during the summer holidays - 20th July until 1st September. Please try to apply as soon as you can. 

Nursery photo slideshow

Why you should choose Fairholme Nursery for your child.

Fairholme Nursery is a purpose built nursery building with an outdoor area which is set up to promote child led play based learning. Our role is to ensure our setting is an enabling environment that allows for children to be curious and active learners.

We provide a safe, well-resourced environment that follows the children’s interests, provides challenge, risk and includes lots of fun and play!

We encourage the children to be independent learners, to ask if they need help and to help each other. We encourage our children to take risks and to challenge themselves within their learning. We provide access to a wide variety of resources to support the children’s all-round development.

Rainbow Nursery is an accredited ‘Let’s Talk Together’ setting. This means that we have highly skilled staff who are able to use quality interactions to meet individual’s language needs.

What is a typical Nursery morning like?

On arrival at Nursery, children first hang up their coat, put their drink bottle away and find their name card for self registration. They have immediate access to both the inside and outside learning environments where they are free to choose their own activities. They will spend the majority of the morning directing their own play which is skilfully supported and extended as appropriate by the Nursery staff.

During the morning routine, the Nursery has a snack bar available.  The Government provides a range of fruit and vegetables free to the school. We support the children over a period of weeks to become independent in accessing the snack bar and to help themselves to a piece of fruit or a vegetable each morning.  We also provide the children with milk at this time or, if they prefer, they can have their own drink. 

Towards the end of the session, at around 11:10am, a bell is rung and the children participate in a "tidy up time" routine. All of the children are then encouraged to help tidy up the Nursery one final time before joining in with some rhymes and songs. Our session ends after a lovely group story time.