Nursery Home Learning

Weekly home learning activities

Home Learning for Nursery means doing things together - making, building, baking, drawing and having some fun!

Remember to just do what you can and send us a photo by email so we can see what you have been up to.

This week, how about trying one of these hunts?

Remember to email Nursery with a photo showing us what you have found!


Have a look through the reading gallery for further information on why you need to read aloud with your child. 


Take the opportunity to draw and paint. Be creative. Cut and glue. 

Draw and colour anything you like - we love seeing how creative you are.

Help your child to begin to write their name if they are interested and ready for it.




Nursery - Phase 1 phonics activities

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Try some of these counting activities from the NRICH website.

These links do give quite a lot of information about how and why to do the  activities. You do not need to teach this like you are at school!

Read the information and have fun doing the activity! If you want the reasons why and questions to ask, they are there, but you do not need to follow the activity structure. Follow the lead of how interested your child is.

It is important to have fun. 

General learning activities and useful links

Are you thinking about Easter yet? Perhaps you’d like to decorate an egg? Not sure what to do?

Have a look at the ideas I found on the internet. If you'd like to decorate an egg, please email a photo when you’re done and I’ll put your wonderful creations in a photo gallery on here. 

How about trying some of these ideas - obviously not the ones which involve going to different places - I haven't made this up myself, credit must go to to the internet! Enjoy, and email to share!

Tips for keeping safe online