Reception Home Learning

Weekly home learning activities

Dear parents/carers,

Below are some activities your child can complete throughout the week. We understand that not all of this may be completed but we would love for you to try your best. If you have any problems or need any help or advice, the reception team will be here to answer any questions you may have via the reception email. Although we are unable to support your child's learning in person we will make sure there are always fun games,activities and resources available to share.We will be uploading a document every Monday with new tasks and activities for you to enjoy. We would love to see how the children are getting on at home so please feel free to send any pictures or work to us via the reception email.

Many thanks

The Reception Team


Weekly Tasks

Please complete one task per day for each key learning area.


Weekly Maths Tasks

Weekly Reading Tasks


·         Easter eggs activity:

(You can draw and colour your own eggs for this activity, it doesn’t have to be with chocolate eggs.)

·         Purple Mash Maths ‘To Do’ task

·         Maths targets (Homework book)

·         Make a pattern. Does it repeat? (Use different objects to create a pattern. Children may want to print their objects on paper with paint, or create a row of objects on a table. Describe the pattern.)

·         Top marks: Shape patterns


·         Read a Bug Club book daily and complete related activities (look for the bug)

·         Listen to a story (Discuss the story with your child)







Weekly Phonics

Weekly Writing Tasks


·         Practise sounds and words from your sound book

·         Phonics Play – Dragon’s Den

·         Phonics Play – Tricky words trucks (Phase 2 and Phase 3)  



·         Practise writing your name forming letters correctly

·         Practise writing words with the sounds in your sound books

·         Practise writing Tricky words

·         Write a sentence (or more) about Spring




General Tasks

To be completed over the week.

Topic Work: People Who help us

·         Talk about friendship – Draw a picture or write a message to a friend

·         Learn your own address

·         Help tidy up at home

·         Role-play: Think about what you would like to be when you grow up. Play with your grown ups or your siblings.




All other activities


·         Learn about Easter. Do you celebrate Easter? How do you celebrate it? If not, what festivities do you celebrate in your religion?

·         Learn about the cycle of a chicken

·         Decorate an Easter egg or draw one and colour it.

·         Could you make an Easter nest?

·         Enjoy practising some relaxing yoga-

·         Have a tea party or indoor picnic.

·         Look out of the window and notice the changes around. -What happened to the trees? Can you see any flowers? What can you hear?

·         How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? Can you beat your record? – Talk about how long 30 seconds is. Did it feel like a long time? Can you count your own jumps?

·         Practise getting dressed and undressed, including buttons and zips.

·         Listen and learn the handwashing song-


Remember to have lots of fun completing these challenges. Send us some photos of your lovely work and activities, we can’t wait to see them!!


Dear parents/carers,

It's been lovely receiving emails of the children keeping busy and enjoying a range of activities this week. So lovely in fact we thought we would share some on our website so we can see what our friends have been up to. Please keep sending them to us via the Reception email address

Many thanks,

The Reception Team

General learning activities and useful links

Please find below some suggestions of useful websites to support your child's learning at home. 


Tips for keeping safe online

Phonics Play is free  for all children and families at this time. To access the resources, please log on with the following details.

Username: march20

Password: home

Children have been provided with individual log in details.

To access work set by the teachers, click the purple bell marked 'Alerts' and click on the activity. When your child is finished the activity, please make sure they click the button 'Hand In'.

All children have their own log in and password that has already been provided. Children can read the books allocated and access the additional activities when you click on the bug club icon.