Year 2 Home Learning

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Beat Band Boogie

Each week we will upload new Home learning activities on this page. Here are some other ideas that you may like to do at home with your families. Please let us know how you get on by sending us pictures of what you have done. Have fun!

Watch online footage of brass bands. Create a musical band at home with family or
friends, improvising with instruments to achieve different sounds. Compose some
music of your own or play a well-known tune.

Design a uniform for a marching band. Look at online images for inspiration

Record some sounds at home to create a sound quiz. What about the sound of the
washing machine, the babbling of your baby brother or sister or the theme tune to
your favourite TV programme? Can your classmates identify the sounds?

Find a poem, nursery rhyme or song about marching. Learn it by heart to perform
at school.

 Using the web, find out about interesting drums from other countries. Draw a
picture of your favourite, locate its country of origin on a world map and watch an
online video of someone playing it.

WOW! Week 5 Home Learning. Well done Year 2! 

We were excited to receive these Blue Peter badge entries and can't wait to see if they win!

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