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"Stay Home Stay Safe" Message Made by Vivan K, Akansh R, Krish K and Viaan B

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

We have been receiving lots of e-mails and pictures and can see that you've all been very busy! Remember if you want to be on this page next week make sure you send in photos of yourself doing the home learning challenges. We love to see them!

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Look at all these Year 2 children reading in different places! Can you send more pictures in so we can add them to our slideshow?

Week 7 Home learning 13.07.20

Week 6 Home Learning 6.7.20

Week 5 Home Learning 29.6.20

Week 4 Home Learning 22.6.2020

Week 3 Home Learning 15.6.2020

Week 2 Home Learning (w.c. 08.06.20)

Week 1 Home Learning (w.c. 01.06.20)

Year 2 Blog

Home learning - Stanley reading

Mrs Lally (plally) on: Year 2 Blog

Stanley's amazing readingVideo (1).MOV

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Week 1

Mrs Lally (plally) on: Year 2 Blog

Dear Year 2,

It has been a delight to receive all your e-mails this week and see what you have been up to at home - it looks like you've all been very busy! Below are some of the wonderful pictures we received and we can't wait to see what you learn, explore and discover this week. Keep sending them in!

Mrs Lally, Miss Hunt, Mrs Bhardwaj, Mrs Garnham, Mrs Mills and Mrs Cox

Myla's Music ProjectMyla's Music ProjectMyla writingSumaya's artVivaan


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Send us pictures!

Mrs Lally (plally) on: Year 2 Blog

Hello Year 2,

Please send us pictures of what you are up to at home. Send them to and we might put some on this blog!

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Watch these videos to help you with adding and subtracting

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Age 5-7: Books for reading together at home

50 Recommended reads for Year 2

Krish's Easter project!

More Home Learning Pictures!!

Home learning activity.

Home Learning activities.

Mrs Bhardwaj (pbhardwaj) on: Home learning activity.

Vidhur's Solar System puzzle!

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Tips for keeping safe online
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