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Second week at home

The great Year 3 A4 piece of paper challenge

Mrs Holland (rholland) on: Second week at home

Hi everyone, it's been a strange time for all of us, hasn't it? Well, I thought you might like a different sort of challenge to try at home. You know how your school bag is always full of A4 sheets of paper that you've forgotten to give your adult at home? Well, go and get one of them, doesn't matter how scrunched it is. 

Now the challenge is... tear it so that you make the very longest strip of paper you can from it. You don't need scissors, just your hands and NERVES OF STEEL!! Plan your first move before you start and carry on concentrating as you go along. I'm interested to know your strategies.

Also, before you start (oops, should maybe have mentioned this sooner!), if you haven't got a ruler or tape measure at home, the short edge of the paper is roughly 20cms long, so if you wanted to measure your torn strip, you could use that as a rough measure. If you've got a ruler or tape measure you're good to go!!

Can you make a strip taller or longer than you? Or your adult? Or your bedroom?

Take a pic of it when you've finished to send to the y3 email and let's see who can rip the longest one!

Take care, Mrs Holland (off to do it myself now!!)

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