Year 5 Home Learning

Weekly home learning activities

This week, we are also really excited to set you a

Spooky Story Writing competition

Do you have what it takes to terrify your teachers?  Send us your stories by 3pm on Monday 18th to the normal year group email address.

Some of our children have already produced some great things in their home learning.  We will add some examples as we receive them. 

Remember to email your completed work to the Year 5 email address.  If you are not receiving our emails, please contact the office with an updated email address.

One of the home learning challenges is to create a food face.  Get working on yours and send them to the Year 5 email address.

Alongside the home learning set by teachers, lots of chidlren are practising other skills which will be useful in their lives, sich as DIY, cooking and helping with the housework.

How far has your food travelled to get to your plate?  Amber investigated the 'food miles' of her favourite foods.

Gargi has been using her creative skills to make these great posters and this poem.

Poppy has been practising her drawing skills with this lovely butterfly picture.

Click here to try out Amber's Harry Potter quiz.  She worked really hard on it and it is surprisingly tricky.  She has also created a London Eye Mystery quiz here.

Poppy has been practising French greetings.

Sicilly has been finding out about allotments and the changes in plants in diiferent seasons.  She was very creative making this lovely poster.

Oliver painted his own poster encouraging people to stay at home.


Click here for Rayyan's report on Chessington World of Adventures.


Yoanna's fantastic 3D drawing of a rollercoaster!
Yoanna's fantastic 3D drawing of a rollercoaster!

Vatsal has been using his Computing skills to research and present information.  Click here to see his work.

Daniel has been completing his online learning on Purple Mash and My Maths.

Can you make your own maths game to help you brush up your skills?

Read this interesting report from Amber about bees and other pollinators.

Isabella's fantastic description of the creepy woods.
Isabella's fantastic description of the creepy woods.

Some of the Year 5 children had a go at the Friday Challenge from White Rose Maths.  The questions at the end got very tricky.  This work is from Daisy, Brodie and Lily.

Daisy has been using number lines and part whole models to develop her understanding of decimals.


Amber has been working so hard on her writing.  Click here to read her great newspaper report on the Corona virus lockdown and here to read a story she has written.  We are very impressed with all her hard work.

Click here to read Amber's book review. 

Do you have any recommendations for good books to read?

Sicilly researched Chessington World of Adventures online and created her own information book.

Brodie and his brother JJ have created a time capsule

Guradaes has made his own bunting for VE day!

Charles has drawn a map of his allotment.

As part of our learning about VE Day, some children had a go at cracking messages written in Morse Code, like Shannon and Kacper.  Can you crack the code Shannon has written?

What would you include in an advert to persuade people to grow their own food?  This is Amber's excellent attempt.

Brodie and Shannon have been observing plants closely to help them add detail to their pictures.


Amber's amazing rollercoaster poem


The Beast

We clamber aboard and strap our - selves in,

When will it begin?

A loud ROAR! From the creature.

Then …





We wait at the top,

The suspense in the air.

The beast has given us a right old scare!




SHRIEKING, Wind in hair!


Then it slows,

Like it knows it is the end-

It needs to get ready for bed!

By Amber.


Lacie has designed her own rollercoaster.

Shannon has been baking up a storm!  Those cakes look delicious.

Brodie has created his own pasta bake recipe using a rnage of vegetables which could be grown on an allotment.


You can also find Amber's recipe for a delicious salad here.

As our topic this term Allotment is all about plants, lots of Year 5 children have started growing their own.

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