Year 5 Home Learning

Weekly home learning activities

Some of our children have produced some great things in their home learning.  We will add more examples as we receive them. 

Remember to email your completed work to the Year 5 email address.  If you are not receiving our emails, please contact the office with an updated email address.

We think Brodie could be the next Van Gogh after seeing his amazing picture of Henry VIII.

Chinwe and Shannon have been doing some baking this week. 

The cakes look super yummy, all the teachers are hoping that you bring some cake to school when we see you again in September

Following our topic this term, Amber, Brodie and Josh have made their own Tudor Roses and they are amazing! 

Can you make your own Tudor Rose? 

Daisy's wonderful poem...


The Blitz

 Sirens start

Lights go off

Security lights turn on 

People praying for peace 

It's happening

Army planes take off 

Bombs explode


When will the ever end?

When will our world come together?


By Daisy


Chinwe and Amber have created some fantastic portraits of Henry VIII on Purple Mash this week! 

This weeks home learning activities

Tudor Art






We are really enjoying recieving all these creative pieces of work. 

Look at Ambers comic about Henry VIII called 'The Meltdown'.

Can you guess what it will be about?

Lots of the children have been getting ready for Year 6 but practising their maths skills. 

Take a look at some of their amazing maths work!

Sicilly has been hard at work writing and creating a newspaper article on purple mash.

Give it a read and see if you can create your own newspaper article!

Isabella and Amber have been hard at work creating her very own Tudor house, they looks incredible!


Would you like to learn a little more about Henry VIII?

Why not give Ambers research a read and write some notes of your own.

Amber- henry VIII.docx


Lots of the Year 5 children have been producing some awesome work on Purple Mash this week!


Codie and Amber have been busy writing super stories. Give them a read and maybe try writing one of your own.

Codie's Story.docx

Amber's Ghost Story.docx

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