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Take a look at Year 6's amazing efforts in our Virtual Sports Day!

Hello Year 6

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Become a scientist at home by trying out some of these activities from Whizz! Pop! Bang! Magazine.

Make your own plastic

Explore making plastic from milk (casein plastic) in this fun free science experiment using household items!

Make your own slime

Make your own slime and then decide whether it is a solid or a liquid.

Bacteria Investigation

Try this very visual experiment to see the effect that hand washing has on germs.

Walking Water!?

Can water actually walk? Set up this nifty experiment to find out if it can move and discover how plants transport water using capillary action.

Design your own bridge

Get busy designing and building your own bridge and experiment to see how much weight it can hold!

This week's home learning tasks 

Project sheet.







Virtual Sports Day.

Want a different challenge?

Why not check out our writing page, with some challenges to get your imaginations going! Click on the picture to be redirected.

Cook up a storm!

Why not ask your adults at home if you can have a go at some of these temptingly tasty recipes?

Don't forget to send in any pictures of your delicious makes and bakes!

50 Recommended reads for Year 6

Age 9-11: Books to read together at home


Elia's Letter to Year 5.

Oscar's Letter to Year 5.

Anes' Mayan Timeline.

Pranavi's Reading.

Scarlett's Martin Luther King Research.


Just for fun, exercise your brain with one of these brainteasers!

Click on an image to start your workout,

Year 6 have been working hard at home! 

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