Temporary Home Page During School Closure

Welcome to our new home page.  We have collected links to the most useful resources and activities for learning at home in one place.  There are lots of things out there on the internet -  we have chosen the best of these, to try and reduce the overwhelming choice available.  If you come across other useful resources, please let us know.

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A suggested timetable

Setting up a routine can be a useful way to help children understand what is happening and anticipate what is coming next. Having a timetable can reduce anxiety and help to make good use of time.

There are some useful, timetabled lessons online.  Here are the best suggestions we have heard about so far.

9.00am PE with Jo Wicks

9.45am Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine (writing)

10.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays - Draw with Rob

10.30am Break

11.00am Body percussion with Ollie Tunmer

4.00pm RJ Palacio reads Wonder


Staying in touch
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Mental health and wellbeing

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Spelling and phonics

Physical exercise
40 things to do that don't involve using a device or going online


Keep a sketch book!