School Travel Plan (STP)

The aim of a School Travel Plan is to reduce car use on journeys to and from school, not only reduce congestion and air pollution but also to improve the health of children and families by encouraging them to be more active and to make the area around the school safer.  We are part of TFL's STARS accreditation scheme.


Encouraging active travel to school has a wide range on benefits, both for the school community, but also for the area around the school and for our community and residents in terms of less traffic and congestion. The benefits of having an active School Travel Plan include:

For children 

  • Improving health and fitness by walking, scooting and cycling
  • Improving travel awareness and road user skills
  • Improving awareness of their surroundings

For the school

  • Improving safety around the school
  • Reducing congestion around the school
  • Establishing safer walking and cycling routes around the school

For parents/carers

  • Reducing stress and time spent driving to school, especially when it is congested
  • Increasing quality parent/child contact time
  • Building better links with the school

For the local community 

  • Improving the local environment by reducing air and noise pollution
  • Reducing congestion problems
  • Improving walking routes
  • Improving road safety

We are keen to help our children stay safe on the busy roads around our school and in our city. We offer sessions on walking to school and crossing roads safely for our younger children, and Bikeability (cycling proficiency) for our older children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Find out more about Hounslow's approach to school travel planning here.

A guide to road safety

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Bikeability Training

We work with Bikeability instructors to teach our children how to ride their bikes safely on the road, and how to be aware of the traffic around them.