Learning a foreign language


At Fairholme Primary School, we endeavor to foster a “Love of Language” in our children, developing their language learning skills to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Our chosen modern foreign language is Spanish. Children in KS2 are encouraged to develop an “Understanding of the world in which we live” by having the opportunity to develop their Spanish speaking and listening, reading and writing skills as well as learning about Spanish culture and traditions.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  English and Spanish share roots with Latin.  Studying Spanish increases children’s understanding of the English language and how different languages evolve, which can also help with learning English vocabulary.  It can help develop communication skills including key skills for speaking and listening.

At Fairholme Primary, phonics is part of the school development plan to ensure that there is a systematic approach to it and it is consistent throughout the school. Spanish is a phonetic language, within the limits of a few rules, letters are pronounced consistently.  Regular sound to letter correlations mean there are rarely any surprises in spelling.  This makes Spanish a comparatively easy language to speak.  Through the learning of Spanish on a weekly basis, children will gain a broad range of skills that have been taught throughout Key Stage 2 to develop their understanding and use of Spanish

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