From the children's very first experiences in school, they are encouraged to mark make and soon to make meaning from marks. From this early stage of writing, children begin to form recognisible letters and words which then develops into communication through the written word. By the end of Year 6, children can communicate effectively in a range of contexts, adapting their style accordingly.

Our writing curriculum maximises links with other curriculum areas wherever possible, allowing children to use familiar contexts to write a range of genres from narratives to diary entries as WW2 evacuees, persuasive letters requesting improvements to the local environment to poetry in different forms. Opportunities to use classroom dialogue before writing through drama, debate and questioning enhances children's understanding and develops more rounded, coherent writers. Teachers incorporate grammar and spelling in meaningful ways to secure sound knowledge of how to use these foundations for writing most effectively.

We use Letterjoin to teach joined cursive handwriting from Y1.

Writing Curriculum Documents

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