Good communication is important to us

We know that working in partnership with our families is key to developing children's learning and wellbeing.  We aim to operate an 'open door' policy and make time to see parents and carers to talk about their children's learning and development.  We prefer to talk to parents and carers in person, but if you would rather talk on the phone, this can be arranged.

Teachers are often available at the end of the school day to talk to parents about any concerns that might arise or to provide support with a child's learning or welfare.  First thing in the morning is not such a good time to catch school staff as they will be preparing for the day ahead and welcoming children into school.  If you would like to make an appointment to meet with your child's teacher, you can always do this by contacting the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time.  We have parents evening meetings every term, where families come and discuss how their child is getting on in school and look at their children's work.  

We encourage parents and carers to speak to a child's class teacher first about any concerns or worries.  However, if you feel you would like a further conversation, the year group leader will be able to help, and you are welcome to make an appointment to see them.  

Senior staff are always at the gate at the beginning and end of the school day, and will be happy to welcome children to school, pass on messages, or make a time to meet with you if you have already spoken with the class teacher and year group leader, and there are still things that remain unresolved, or other things which you wish to discuss.  If you're not sure who to talk to about something, check out Our Staff Team web page, speak to a member of staff on the school gate or contact the school office.

Confidentiality is very important to us, and if you wish to discuss things privately with the class teacher or senior staff, please let us know.

We send out regular update messages on Parent Hub, our communication app, which we ask parents and carers to download onto their device.  Childminders, grandparents and other family and friends can also get general updates through this app by following our school channel.  Download Parent Hub from the Google Play store here for for iPhone, iPad and Apple devices from the App Store here.  We also send out text messages and emails to individual families when appropriate, and post news updates and calendar events on our school web site.  We have a Twitter feed too, @FairholmePS, which you are welcome to follow