We have designed and developed a curriculum which promotes high levels of academic and intellectual achievement and progress, reflects the values of our school, develops the wellbeing of the whole child, provides challenge and raises aspirations.

Curriculum Information

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We send letters home to parents and carers with information about the curriculum in each year group every term, which you can find on the year group pages of our web site.


Values are things we believe in, that help us to make decisions about how to behave.  They are the principles that guide our lives.  The curriculum at Fairholme nurtures and promotes many values including respect, honesty, responsibility, kindness, self-belief and aspiration.  Through these values, our curriculum develops each child's uniqueness, ambition and self-worth as an individual.


  • To develop character and resilience, collaboration and cooperation
  • To nurture pupils' self-belief, perseverance, and ability to bounce back from setbacks
  • To foster reliability, responsibility and resilience, developing confident and independent individuals who take responsibility for their actions and who understand their role in our community and the world they share with everyone
  • To raise aspirations and enable children to achieve well and make excellent progress
  • To develop literate and numerate children and build firm foundations in basic skills which children can use and apply
  • To promote high levels of engagement and involvement in learning by providing a braod range of exciting and creative learning opportunities
  • To develop inquisitiveness and curiosity, and learning as a lifelong journey
  • To nurture individual talents
  • To provide access and opportunities for all to achieve their potential through a creative and inclusive curriculum.