At Fairholme we work very hard to foster children's love of reading, whilst teaching them how to read using their phonics. We are teaching children to read with Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised .

The teaching of phonics starts in Nursery with a big focus on oral blending. Once children are in Reception they progress on to learning specific phonemes, writing graphemes and becoming real readers, which is just so exciting for them and us!

Below you will find a range of resources that we hope will support you to understanding, a little more about how we teach phonics to your child, and what you could be doing to help them at home. 

We are always happy to talk to you about phonics, our approach, where your child is at and what you could do to help your child with their reading at home so please do come and see your child's class teacher if you have any questions. 


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Parent Workshop PowerPoint

Below is a PowerPoint that was recently used at a Parent Phonics workshop to introduce Phonics and The Little Wandle approach we are following, whilst we appreciate this isn't the same as being in the meeting, if you missed the meeting you may find this interesting to read through. If you have any questions then please do come and ask us, we are happy to help you. 

Phonics parent workshops

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Progression Document

This document shows the programme overview and the progression children go through from Reception to Year 1.

Reception Autumn 1 Grapheme Information sheet 

We know pronouncing all the phonemes correcting and forming the graphemes accurately can be challenging for us and the children sometimes. Hopefully, this handy guide, will help you to support your child in how they pronounce the phoneme and how the write the graphemes. 

Reading and Phonics

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Books and Ebooks

Once your child is blending using Phase 2 phonemes, they will start to bring some reading books home. This is incredibly exciting for them!

They will have access to three reading books:

  1. Will be a phase book that they can phonetically decode 
  2. Will be a library book to read for pleasure 
  3. Will be an ebook from Collins, Big Cat ebook libraries, that will be same book that they are reading with their teacher in school. 

To access your child's ebook, that will be changed weekly, you will need their user name and password and you enter it here: 

Forming Letters Correctly

We hope there are 2 useful documents for you below. One is to support your child in forming capital letters correctly, this is very useful for when they are writing their own name and other people's names too. The second document is the alphabet all on one page and how teach the children to form each individual letter. 

Letter formation

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Visit the Little Wandle Website

Use the link below to find out even more about the teaching of phonics. Once you have clicked on the website look for 'For Parents' at the top of the page, then choose from the 3 tabs - Support for Phonics, How we Teach and Support for Reading. In Support for Phonics and How we Teach, you will find some fantastic videos that you can watch. They are great and will help you understand what your child is doing in school and in particular help you to know how to pronounce all the phonemes, which can be challenging at times! We really recommend watching these videos.