Attend today and achieve tomorrow


Attendance at school is very important if children are to make good progress in their learning.  We expect all our children to come to school every day (unless they have a significant illness, not just a cough or cold!), and to be on-time. A child who is 5-10 minutes late every day is missing out on almost an hour of learning time every week.

Our whole school attendance target is 96%. We reward good attendance at school in all sorts of ways, but the best reward of all is children demonstrating how much they have learnt through being at school. Each week during assembly, our pupils find out which class has won the trophy for the best attendance and which class has 'Cedric the Crocodile' for the best punctuality. 

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You can find more information about attendance, information leaflets for parents, and our attendance policy, by visiting this page.


Arriving at school in good time every morning ensures your child is ready to start school and learn, along with everyone else. Children who are just 5-10 minutes late every day, miss out on important learning time - that's at least 6 hours of learning time every term!  If you are late for school, you will need to bring your child to the school office, explain your reasons for lateness and sign your child in as they will have missed the class registration. We will endeavour to provide a school meal if your child needs one, but this is not always possible for children who arrive late.

The school day begins for everyone at 8:45am.
For every year group, we allow an extra 15 minutes beyond the start time before the register closes.  So children are late if they arrive after 9:00am.